Welcome to Week 5 of Entrepreneurship

This week we'll talk about Markets


Read Chapters 7-8 in Start Small, Finish Big (There is an error in the video.  We'll just cover these 2 chapters next week.)

Read Resolution 5: Scoreboard in Resolved.


Write about how you are living Resolution 5.  Include any thoughts, inspiration, and challenges you might have.

List 3 things you are concerned with that may be personal shortcomings for you as an entrepreneur.  Write down the self talk you use to buoy yourself up and keep a positive attitude.


Look for local markets in your area: Craft Fairs, Farmers or Produce Markets, Entrepreneur Fairs, Boutiques, Festivals, Community events, etc.  Where could you sell your product or help others learn more about your service you want to provide?  Make a list, then start contacting people who are promoting these events so you can evaluate which market(s) will serve your needs as a producer.