Watch the introduction video for our Entrepreneurship E-course.

The course is available online and each of the twelve week segments will be delivered to your inbox each Monday morning.  There are 3 books you will need to read on your own during the course and you will have the opportunity to write and complete worksheets and other assignments, as well.  I offer the course for $60.  If you are interested in taking this course, sign up below with PayPal. Once you have completed the payment, you will be directed back to a page here at FindingPersonalFreedom.com where you will enter your contact information.  You will then be sent a confirmation e-mail to verify that you really do want to sign up for the course, so be sure to follow those instructions so we can get the course to you.  Thanks for checking this out!

Why take the course?

Each week I’ll send out the reading list for that week, a course video to inspire you and explain concepts related to entrepreneurship, and any worksheets that help you apply the concepts to help you become a producer.

You will send your writings to me through a Google classroom and I will personally mentor you not only on your writing presentation but also your content, the stuff you are thinking about, and how that will move you forward.

The course project helps you

-develop a product or service

-create your own brand/company name

-create your own advertisement (written, audio, and/or video)

-sell at a fair, marketplace, or other venue

Weekly I will send out a survey to get feedback from you and the other participants on what you have questions about and to help further your understanding.  There will be a live Q&A to watch at the end of each week in which I answer those questions and clarify concepts.

The last week is an opportunity for us to debrief your experience.  What went right?  What could be improved?  What are your next steps?

Take the Challenge:  Ready to gain a deeper understanding of freedom?  Sign up for the course today!

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