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Personal Freedom, Issue #001 -- Manifesto for Finding Personal Freedom
March 29, 2018

I’m so excited you’ve signed up for my newsletter. Thank you! This is where I hope to share insights on proven principles that help you in finding personal freedom.

Today I want to talk about challenges. Challenges aren’t always fun while we’re in them. They are, however, an opportunity for growth. Whether we get stronger by taking on a physical challenge, smarter by taking on a mental challenge, gain a skill by learning and practicing something new to us, or gain insight into our own thoughts and actions, challenges help us improve.

Improvement leads to change, positive change. Challenges help us change for the better. When it comes to finding personal freedom, challenges help us to affect the change that will make us free. That’s why at the end of each of my articles, you’ll find some kind of challenge, either an invitation to learn more about a topic or a “Take the Challenge” invitation to encourage you to gain an understanding of how to apply a principle in your own life. From budgeting, to self-introspection to reading your nation’s governing document, these challenges are meant to help you understand the “Principles That Put You on the Path” to finding personal freedom. I invite you to try a new challenge each week.

And with that invitation, I’m excited to share a manifesto that will inspire you to master the challenges in each of the areas discussed at At the center of each of these challenges are you and I, each of us individually. Speaking for each of us, “I matter.”Each of us has value and worth for no other reason than that we are a human being here on this earth in our own life’s journey. Regardless of our past accomplishments, regardless of past mistakes, each of us is here now and has a life to lead.

When we align our lives to true principles, we can live a life of independence and interdependence. We can help ourselves as we help others. We can educate ourselves. We can find prosperity by living providently. We can have a positive outlook and be emotionally and mentally healthy. We can choose to protect and strengthen our physical health. We can exercise self-determination by acting in ways that align with our own values. We can govern ourselves and understand principles of good government in society.

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I hope this manifesto inspires you to “Take the Challenge.” You matter. You matter to me and to the other lives with whom you come in contact. You have an influence wherever you are, in whatever circumstances you find yourself. Please take the opportunity to continually improve. I would love to hear your feedback on the Manifesto or on this newsletter. If you would like to share what you think with me, simply reply to this e-mail.

Choose Freedom,


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